How To Change Wallpaper On Samsung Galaxy Star Pro Duos

Would you like to Change Wallpaper On Samsung Galaxy Star Pro Duos smartphone device? Setting up a phone is important by all sides, within which wallpaper also is an option to consider. When you newly purchased your Samsung Galaxy Star Pro Duos, there will be wallpaper set by default. But if you wish to change, you need to follow some procedure. In this step-by-step tutorial, we have explained (visually) how to Change Wallpaper On Samsung Galaxy Star Pro Duos.

If you know it right, it will not be a hard core process anymore. So, to let you know, we have made this article on the theory of changing wallpaper on your Samsung Galaxy phone. As you know, wallpapers can be set of two screen- lock screen and the home screen. If you continue to follow the steps, you will be able to set the wallpaper for both the screens or either one if you like.

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Change wallpaper on Samsung Galaxy Star Pro Duos

There are two possible ways through which you can get your wallpaper changed on your phone. We have shown both the process. You can choose as per your preference.

Method 1

  • At first, select the settings from your options.


  • A page with various options will be displayed. Tap on the option named as “Wallpaper“.

Wallpaper Option Settings

  • Once you click another page screen will be displayed which will provide three options.
    • My wallpapers– In this slot, the wallpapers you get are provided by the Samsung Galaxy.
    • Gallery– photos saved on your phone.
    • Lock screen stories.

Gallery option

  • If you want to add photos of your gallery, then choose the second option or else you can go for my wallpapers.
  • Let go ahead and chose from the second option-” Gallery“.
  • Once you select the option the albums and the pictures will be displayed you can select any of them.

Select Picture in Gallery

  • On the adjusting ground, you can adjust your photo and then click on done. You will be asked whether you want to keep it on your home screen, lock screen or both. As per your necessity, you can choose the alternatives.

Set wallpaper Picture

Method 2

Hold onto your phone screen for a few second. A few options will be displayed among which wallpaper will be the one. Click on the “Wallpaper” option and you will directly reach the wallpaper setting platform. Once you do so you will know the rest of the process. If you know the steps, you can follow your own or refer to the steps provided above.

We hope this short tutorial was helpful for you to learn how To Change Wallpaper On Samsung Galaxy Star Pro Duos.

Nearly, every buyer wants to add a new wallpaper of their own or any other set up. For that, you need to go through some process and then, set up the wallpaper you wish. Now the problem arises when they find it difficult to get the option and easily set up the wallpaper. You can follow the above mention steps to Change Wallpaper On Samsung Galaxy Star Pro Duos quite convincingly.

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