How to Delete Google Account in Moto Z2 Play 64GB

You may want to Delete Google Account in Moto Z2 Play 64GB 6 for a number of reasons like:

  • You would like to sell your device to someone else and to keep your privacy intact,
  • You are having trouble logging in to your Google account on any third-third party app on Play store,
  • You want to use the Google account in another device or simply would like to switch to another new account.

Well, whatever the reason is, this step-by-step tutorial will guide you on how you can remove Google Account in Moto Z2 Play 64GB 6.

Deleting a Google account is the procedure for removing an attached google account on your mobile device. Do keep in mind removing a google account also attracts removing Factory Reset Protection ( FRP ) in Moto Z2 Play 64GB 6. That means if the Google account is set is the primary account, it will remove the Google login authentication feature when your android device first boots after a hardware reset.

We have also included a video instruction to effortlessly delete a google account from Moto Z2 Play 64GB 6, which you can follow to delete your attached Google account successfully.

How to Delete Google Account in Moto Z2 Play 64GB 6?

#1. To start the process, first, navigate to the apps menu by swiping the screen up with your finger on your Moto Z2 Play 64GB 6.

Remove Google Account Home Screen

#2. Now we move to the settings section to further explore more setting options.

Remove Google Account Settings

#3. From here we look for the ‘Accounts and backup’ section, which will lead to a whole host of options like Account, backup and restore, Could, etc.

Remove Google Account & Backup Option

#4. We select “Accounts” to get access to all the listed google accounts on the device.

Select to Remove Google Account

#5. Select the account you would like to get rid of. Once you click on that, it will lead to the next section where it will display the “Remove account option” along with ‘Google account’ and ‘Sync account’.

Select the account you want to remove

#6. Tap on the “Remove account” option and it will pop up a warning message containing “removing the account will delete all off its messages, contacts and other information“. Consent with the by tapping the “Remove account” option.

Click on Remove Google AccountConfirm to Remove Google Account

#7. Now you have successfully removed the attached google account from your Moto Z2 Play 64GB 6.

By following the above tutorial, you can easily Delete Google Account in Moto Z2 Play 64GB 6 or in any existing attached google account from your Motorola Android device. If you are looking to perform further action like factory reset or format your device, check out this step by step tutorial.

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