How to Enable Do Not Disturb Mode in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo

Do you want to enable Do Not Disturb mode in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo Smartphone device? You would agree “Do Not Disturb” is a very useful mode option given in the phone settings. It helps the user to remain uninterrupted by their cell phone. This convention restricts the phone from notifying the user about the calls, messages and any other application notification.

A user enables “Do not disturb settings” mode when they need that time to be left undisturbed. The phone always has something to come up with. Therefore, to restrict them from disturbing the user “Do not disturb” mode is utilized.

On your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo, you can even adjust the time, till which you want your phone to be in the particular state. You can keep your phone in silent mode but, it may still interrupt your work through the other notification and alarm. But if you add the “Do not disturb” mode in your android device, it will disable all other notifications and call sounds.

Our article will show you step by step process on how to activate doo not disturb mode in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo. To do so, you need to go to our provided tutorial and follow the same.

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Enable Do Not Disturb Mode in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo

  • The first step– From your Mobile home screen, go to the quick settings menu and find the option ” Notifications“.

Home Screen SettingsNotifications

  • The second step– Tap on the ” Notification,” and you will see a new page with several options including, “do not disturb.

do not disturb

  • The third step– Click on the option and again, you will find a page. Right there, you will see five disturb feature options that say-
  1. Turn on now.
  2. Turn on as scheduled.
  3. Duration.
  4. Hide notifications.
  5. Allow exceptions.
  • The fourth step– Before you turn it on, you can avail the following adjustment grounds. If you choose the turn on as scheduled- you will be able to set days, start time and end time.

If chosen- duration, you can decide till when you want this mode to exist. You can either choose until you turn it off or a set time.

SleepingSleeping Schdule

  • On choosing the option hide notification- you can disable the particular notification you want. You can restrict your phone from popping up the notifications hide the app icon badges, status bar or simply turn on the ” Hide full-screen notification”. This will turn your notification sound off.

Hide Notifications

Lastly, remains the option “Allow exceptions“. Here you get to choose as in which calls and messages you want to you come even after being on the do not disturb mode in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo. You will find several options listed. Choose whichever you want so you know when it comes.

Allow exceptions

The fifth step– Once you are done with all the adjustments, you can turn on the do not disturb mode in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo and it will be enabled on your device till the time and date you have set earlier. It will also enable a do not disturb icon for shortcut use.

Turn on Now Do not disturb mode

We hope the tutorial was helpful and now you can easily enable and disable Do Not Disturb Mode in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo.

How Turn off or Disable do not disturb in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo

It’s easy to disable the do not disturb feature. In order to do that, go to the settings and navigate to notification and all you have to do is toggle the “do not disturb” mode settings to turn off state by moving it to the left side.

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