Samsung Galaxy M12s Hidden Mode | Download, Safe, Recovery

Samsung Galaxy M12s Hidden Modes | Download, Safe, Recovery: Once you know how to unlock the hidden modes such as Safe Mode, Download Mode or Recovery mode etc. you will unleash the smartphones real power and get the maximum hidden functionality out of them. In this step-by-step tutorial guide, we are going to visually explain to you how to activate Samsung Galaxy M12s Hidden Modes and Download, Safe, Recovery that you can boot and exit according to your requirements.

Samsung Galaxy M12s Hidden Modes:

The hidden recovery mode unlocks a couple of cool features like hard reset; you can wipe cache partition and perform Android update. Follow the visual instruction to enter Recovery mode in Samsung Galaxy M12s .

Samsung Galaxy M12s Recovery Mode:

  • We will start the procedure by pushing Volume Down and Power button hardware keys simultaneously for a couple of seconds.

Recovery Mode Volume Down and Power button

  • You will notice the android smartphone will get switched off and you need to hold down the Volume Up + Power hardware keys next for a couple of seconds.

Recovery Mode Volume Up + Power key

  • Release both the buttons when the system starts and Samsung Galaxy logo appears and it will display Recovery Mode on your Smartphone Screen.

Recovery Mode

  • In this mode, use Volume buttons to scroll up or down and the Power key to confirm any action.

Samsung Galaxy M12s Safe Mode:

The safe mode could be activated by using two alternative methods.

Method #1

First, we Press and Hold down the Power key button for a couple of seconds.

Safe Mode Power Button Key

  • Continue the process by tapping Power off until you see information about Safe Mode appears on the screen.

Safe Mode

  • Now make sure to tap Safe Mode two times to open and active it.
  • Wait a few seconds and Safe Mode should appear on the screen.

Safe Mode Screen

If have to hold the Power button and choose Reboot twice in order to quit the Safe mode and go back to normal user mode.

Method #2

  • Start the process by pushing the Power key for a couple of seconds.

Safe Mode Power Button Key

  • Now choose the restart.
  • When the smartphone vibrates, press and hold on to the Volume Down Hardware key for a few seconds.

Safe Mode Volume Down Key

  • Mobile will be back online with activated safe mode.

Samsung Galaxy M12s Download Mode:

Follow these steps to boot download mode on Samsung Galaxy M12s

  • We start the process by pressing and holding onto Power Button for a couple of seconds until the phone restarts.

Download Mode Power Button Key

  • When the phone restarts and display the Samsung Logo, press Volume Down + Volume Up and connect Samsung Galaxy M12s with PC by using a Type-C USB cable.

Download Mode Volume Down + Volume Up

  • Make sure to release all keys when Download Mode appears.
  • Volume Up is the button to select OK.

Download Mode Select ok

  • Well, you have successfully enabled Download mode on Samsung Galaxy M12s .

Download Mode

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