How To Scan QR Codes In Samsung Galaxy M51

In this short tutorial, we are going to explain how to scan QR codes in Samsung Galaxy M51. You must have seen many products packaging with QR codes. The companies ask the customers to scan the QR codes either to let them know about any offers or to find information about the company. In such a case, if you want to scan the QR code, you need to open your camera and scan the code. Did you know that through the camera, you can scan a QR code and get what it is providing? It seems you were unaware of the application process and hence could not use it. But now, as you are here, we’ll tell you how you can Scan QR code in your Samsung Galaxy M 51.

Scanning QR code in Samsung Galaxy is easy and can be accessed with just simple steps. Such steps have been linked below. You can refer to the steps and turn on the clash of QR code scan mode.

Turn on / off QR To Scan QR codes in Samsung Galaxy M51

Step 1– At first, you need to find the “Camera” on your Home Screen.

Home Screen Settings

Step 2– Open the “Camera” of your Samsung Galaxy M51 and click on “Settings“.

Step 3– On the top left-hand corner, “Setting” option will be available. Click on it to get to the page.

Scan QR Codes

Step 4– On the “Settings” page, you will find several options among which “Scan QR code” will one.

Under the intelligent features, you will see the “Scan QR Code” menu listed.


Step 5– Click on the mark to enable the “QR code” scan mode.

To disable it, follow the same process.

Step 6– Once the mark goes blue, you can get back to the camera and scan the code.

If you think, you are done with the scanning, you can disable following the same procedure.

Many of Samsung users are unaware of the availability of the intelligent feature. Those people need to take help from our article and follow the instructions. We hope our step by step detailed procedure would help them and has helped you to get to the Scan QR Codes In Samsung Galaxy M51.

Method 2 to Scan QR Codes In Samsung Galaxy M51:

Most of the recently released Android phones do have the in build QR code scanner in this system. But if somehow your phone is missing the features or you are not able to use it for some reason, you can always opt for a backup process.

Installing an app can do the needful. To do that flow the below-mentioned procedure:

Step 1: Head over to Google Play Store and search with the keyword “QR Code Scanner” or ‘QR code reader app’ and do the search by tapping the search button. You can alternatively use this link as well. You will see there are number of QR code scanner app listed.

Step 2: Open and installed your desired apps from the list displayed apps listed on the search result.

Step 3: Once the installation process completes, open the QR code scanner app and focus on the QR code which you need to capture and once and it will successfully capture the QR code as requested.

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