how to Screen Record on Moto Z2 Play 64GB

Are you wondering how to Screen Record on Moto Z2 Play 64GB? Or would you like to know how to capture the screen on an Android Mobile Phone or an Android device? Then this step-by-step tutorial will show you how to enable the Screen Record option in Moto Z2 Play 64GB to video capture the Mobile Screen.

Recording the screen of your mobile device can be useful for a number of reasons. You may want to Screen record for a tutorial video, record the screen to show an update of certain things, or make a step-by-step guide on performing a certain task with voice instruction.

After finishing the screen recording in Moto Z2 Play 64GB, you can save the file in a video format and upload it to your social networking channel like YouTube or Facebook or simply send the video over to your colleague or acquaintance.

The newly introduced mobile phones have an inbuilt option to record screen to capture video, but if your device does not have the facility, you have to use the Game Launcher application/Motorola video recorder or any other third party app to screen record on an android phone.

Follow this below mentioned step-by-step guide to record screen on Moto Z2 Play 64GB:

How to Screen Record on Moto Z2 Play 64GB

#1 – First Step:

To start the process to Screen Record on Moto Z2 Play 64GB first of all, let’s check if we have the screen recording option icon enabled in the quick access panel settings menu in Moto Z2 Play 64GB or not. If yes, then we can straightway jump to step #5to continue the process.

Screen Record Video Option

To check, first, we unlock Moto Z2 Play 64GB (with unlock pattern/code, etc.) and slide the screen from top edge to down to make the quick settings to appear. We can see in the quick setting (different short cuts) access like Mobile data, WI-FI network, torch, Phone silent mode, screenshot, etc., Slide down a little further, and it will display the full quick setting panel; check if you have the screen recording short cut option listed there or not. If not, we move forward to step 2.

Include record screen option in a quick access panel in Moto Z2 Play 64GB

#2- Second Step:

Screen Record Three Dotted Option

As the record screen option is not enabled on the quick access panel of our Moto Z2 Play 64GB, we need to click on the three-dotted vertical icons on the top right corner of the screen.

# 3– Third Step:

Screen Record Button order

Now a floating menu will appear consisting of a couple of options like “button order, Quick panel layout, Status bar, Contact us etc”. Click on ‘Button Order‘ in order to change settings and make the record screen button appear on the quick access panel menu on our Moto Z2 Play 64GB.

# 4– Forth Step:

Screen Record Recorder Icon

On the next page, we will have two different sections of icons. On top, under the “Drag to add buttons,” a list of icons will show which are not currently included in the quick access menu panel. And in the below (bottom) section, a list of settings icons will be displayed, which we already have enabled in the quick access settings panel of Moto Z2 Play 64GB.

In order to include the record screen option in the quick access panel, locate the screen recording icon option >click/Tap on it and without dropping, drag it to the bottom section and leave it there to be added in the quick access panel.

There might be a situation where you do not see screen recording inbuild option as that could be disabled by the manufacturer in your Moto Z2 Play 64GB. In that case, we follow the “what if my phone does not have inbuilt screen record option guide

#5– Fifth Step

Screen Record Video Option

Now, as we have the quick screen record option enabled on the access panel, in order to start recording, we click on the Screen Recorder icon.

#6 – Step Six:

Start Screen Record

A 3 seconds count-down timer will start before the screen starts recording and capture everything displayed on the mobile screen.

# 7 -Step Seven:

Screen Record Edit Note

If you are making an info video or would like to add any instruction while recording the video, you can write or draw the information on the screen. To do that, tap on the ‘Pen icon‘ setting and chose a color, and start scribbling on the screen while recording the screen and your voice. You can use the redo and undo option as well to rectify the information.

#8 – Step Eight:

Stop Screen Record

Once you are done with your recording, click on the “Stop” button at the screen’s top-left corner to stop the video. This is how you can Screen Record on Moto Z2 Play 64GB.

How to screen record with sound on android:

Above mentioned steps will enable an inbuilt android screen record on Moto Z2 Play 64GB with the internal audio facility. When you are launching the app for the first time, make sure you select the video’s quality, either HD or Mini. By default, the inbuilt microphone sound of your Moto Z2 Play 64GB will be used to record voice sound.

Screen recording

As it is going to use a microphone sound option, so there is a distinct possibility, it will capture sharp external sounds as well along with your voice. So, make sure you have a noice-free background environment.

What if my phone does not have inbuilt screen record option

If you do not have the screen record inbuilt option in your phone, we need a third party screen recording apps to Screen Record on Moto Z2 Play 64GB, which we can download from the application store or from the google play game Store.

Open the application store or Play store and search for “Screen Recorder.” There are plenty of quality screen recorder apps out there with a vast array of the facility. Download one and open the app to screen capture.

By following the guide, you can effortlessly learn how to capture the screen video of Moto Z2 Play 64GB and capture your screen. This can also work as game recorder for android device to save video from screen. Still having trouble to Screen Record on Moto Z2 Play 64GB? Don’t hesitate to drop a message in the comment section, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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