How to Share Internet On Micromax Canvas Fire 5

In this article we are going to explain how to share internet on Micromax Canvas Fire 5 Smartphone android device. Sharing mobile internet is one of the wisest network inventions ever done. To be able to share internet with others is a very useful thing. But it is only proving to be effective when you know how to share internet with other devices. There is the process following which you can share your mobile data network connection with other devices. For that, you may have to know this procedure. We have mentioned the entire method of sharing internet in this article. If you need help, you can refer to our tutorial below and using this guidance whenever and wherever you would like.

Whenever you are off Wi-Fi, you can use your mobile internet to operate in laptop and tablets. Each time it is not possible to stay connected with Wi-Fi, especially when we are away from home, we lose our Wi-Fi connection. At such circumstances, we cannot afford to remain out of connection as it hampers our work. So to get out of this issue and find an alternative your Micromax Canvas Fire 5 has already made a way which you will learn below.

Share internet on Micromax Canvas Fire 5

On your phone, you have 3 possible ways through which you can share your mobile internet connection. We have listed the three methods. You can use any one as per your preference.

Step 1: Swipe right or up your Smart Home Screen and locate the menu “Settings”.

Home Screen Settings

Step 2: Tap on the “Settings” menu and then click on “Connections”.


Step 3: As you click, a new page will appear. From this page, you need to tap Mobile Hotspot and Tethering.

Mobile Hotspot and Tethering

Step 4: To configure mobile hotspot, again click on the icon that says “Mobile hotspot”. As you turn it on, your mobile is ready to share your phone internet with other devices. This opens up the route of sharing a data connection.

Mobile hotspot

Step 5: Once you turn on your portable mobile hotspot, click on the Wi-Fi icon on the device you want to share your internet.

Step 6: As you turn on your Wi-Fi, a list of the available network will be shown. Among them find the network name of your phone and click on it.

Step 7: Then put the password and click on Ok. Your phone’s network connection/ internet is will be now shared to the device it has been connected.


As stated earlier, there are three possible ways of Share Internet On Micromax Canvas Fire 5. Most of the steps are similar so we would not like to repeat it. So to make it short, we provide a note below. Refer to the note in case your mobile hotspot doesn’t work,

password share

The three ways of internet sharing are:

  1. Mobile hotspot
  2. Bluetooth tethering.
  3. USB tethering.

How to share internet from mobile to mobile without hotspot

In case the first option doesn’t work for you to Share Internet On Micromax Canvas Fire 5, you can choose the second option i.e. Bluetooth tethering. Here you need to turn on Bluetooth of your as well as of the device you want to share internet with and then turn on the Bluetooth tethering. As your Bluetooth connects and pair, your internet will be shared.

How to share mobile data without hotspot

On the other hand, you may also take the help of USB Tethering. Connect a data cable to the device with your phone and then turn on the USB tethering. Your phone’s internet will be shared.

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