Take a Screenshot on Samsung Continuum I400- Step By Step Guide

Do you want to learn how to take a Screenshot on Samsung Continuum I400? Or in other words, would you like to know the alternative methods to capture screen in Samsung Continuum I400?

In this step-by-step guide, we are going to explain the different procedures to save screen or Screenshot on android phones.

Taking screenshot on an android phone is quite simple and it has become almost an essential functionality nowadays for a number of reasons. By understanding the needs all device manufacturer has made the inbuilt functionality and you do not need to download and third party external apps to capture still screen on your android device. Please apply any of the below-mentioned methods to capture a Screenshot on Samsung Continuum I400 mobile device.

How to take a Screenshot on Samsung Continuum I400

Android phone users can opt for 3 completely different methods to take screenshot on Samsung Continuum I400. The traditional method (which is well known and most popular as well) is by pressing two hardware keys (namely Power button and volume down) at the same time and the other two methods are also very simple, which we have explained in the below section.

#1 Method 1: Samsung Continuum I400 Screenshot Using Hardware Keys:

  • The first and foremost thing one needs to make sure is to be on the mobile screen he or she wants to take the screenshot for.
  • Now press and hold on Power buttons and Volume down simultaneously for about a second.

Screenshot Volue Down Power keys

  • The Screen will flash and you will hear a camera shutter sound, which will confirm that the image has been captured successfully and will generate the screenshot captured image.
  • You can see a small menu bar at the bottom of the screen with three menu buttons consisting of A) Edit and crop the image, B) Share the image on social platforms, and C) Enable Scroll Capture option. You can opt-in for further action if you wish. Nevertheless, the image has automatically been saved in your gallery.

Edit Share Screenshot

#2 Method Two: Screenshot Samsung Continuum I400 with Palm Swipe gesture

  • This process is as simple as it can be. Place your palm on the left side of the screen you would like to take the screenshot for, be it a webpage, chat massage or any other application.

Screenshot Palm Swipe

  • Swipe your plam about the half of the screen (till middle) or push it to bit further till the end and it will capture and generate screenshot which will be automatically saved in the gallery as well. Make sure to use your palm which should be a bit tilt on the left side position.

#3 Method Three: Take screenshot in samsung without power button ( Alternative Way Using Notification Bar)

  • This is another quite common method available in other android brands as well. As usual, select the screen you want to take screenshot of.

Screenshot Using Quick Access Panel

  • Swipe down the notification bar and tap (Single tap) on the screenshot capture icon and it will do the needful and your screen-captured images is ready in your gallery.

We hope this tutorial was helpful to take a Screenshot on Samsung Continuum I400 mobile phone. Apart from the above mention methods, there is another way one can capture screen is by 3 finger swipe, which may be available on some android devices. What is your favorite way to capture a still screen in your smartphone?

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