Things to know before Factory Reset / Hard Reset

A factory reset is a permanent action. Once you perform the factory or hard reset, all device information gets completely deleted, and you can not retrieve those data back again. On the flip side, after the hard reset phone goes back to the factory version, which enhances the phone performance a lot. Though the hard reset process is simple to perform but if you mess up hard reset process will not be completed successfully, but you might lose some of your important data. So it is extremely critical that you are aware of the consequences. Here are some things to know before Factory Reset or hard reset your device:

All Important Things to know before Factory Reset / Hard Reset

Things to know before Factory Reset Hard Reset


Backup all your important data:

This is perhaps the most important part before performing a hard reset. As we mentioned before, a hard or factory reset is a permanent action to erase all data. Once you do it, data, files, apps are gone, and there is no way you can get them back.

So make it a point you take backups of your important files, data onto SD card, Cloud drive, or computer before starting the hard reset process. Here is a step by step guide on how to take backups of your mobile phone data .


Make sure your phone is fully charged (At least 75%).

Factory reset takes time. Erasing all data, optimizing phone takes quite a lot of time and consumes a hell lot of system resources. So if your phone does not have enough battery charge, your device might get switched off during the hard reset process. So wherever you were, you have again resume from the start after recharging your phone, and also, you leave your phone vulnerable for data loss.

Backup your Phone Contact List:

When we add contacts in our mobile device, we get a couple of options like saving the contact information in Mobile SIM card or in Google Account or also in Mobile Device. If you have contact list saved in your Google account or in Mobile SIM card, they will be intact even after the hard reset when you sync back your google account or insert the SIM card back to the device after performing the format.

But if you are unsure and you have a doubt your contact list details are only saved in the mobile device, you must copy them in your Phone SIM card or in Google Account to protect them before resetting.

Take the SIM and SD card out from your Mobile:

Play safe is the right way to go. Make sure after taking the data backups, you remove the SD memory card and SIM card from your phone before the phone format.

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